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Are you still running Windows Vista?

If you are still running Microsoft Windows Vista do one thing, upgrade!  It’s possibly the worst operating system out there.  It’s only about 5 years old now however it is a real piece of trash.  I would use harsher words but our website is public!

The main problem with Windows Vista is the hard drive usage.  On a desktop computer it churns away using up the hard drive on a continual basis.  However on a laptop it’s just plain silly the amount of time you have to wait to do anything on it.


Here at Bombo's Computer Repair, we get customers in all the time with slow computers and one of the main issues apart from slow broadband speed that we see is Windows Vista.

An older operating system like Microsoft Windows XP will run better than vista.  You also find that if you system is running Windows XP it is probably not worth the effort to upgrade to Windows 7 as you’ll probably require additional memory and you may even need a bigger hard drive.  Best stay with what you have would be my advice.

However if you are running Windows vista and even worse on a laptop, upgrade now!

It does not have to be that costly and you will have a big improvement that will be noticeable in day to day use on your computer desktop machine or laptop.  Bombo's Computer Repair offers Windows 7 upgrades and system optimization.  The upgrade process is provided below:

  • We Receive customer's laptop or desktop and perform an inspection.
  • Note all required files, folders, pictures, music, emails for backup.
  • Provide customer with list of files that will be backed up.
  • Extract software licenses from programs such as Microsoft Office.
  • Purchase Windows 7 License for customer.
  • Clean install of Windows 7 [Win7 Version is at your option based on cost differences]
  • Install any required drivers from Laptop/Computer manufacturer’s website.
  • Restore data from backup, movies, music, itunes, photos, files, documents.
  • Reinstall software apply license keys where required.
  • Deliver upgraded laptop/computer back to customer
  • Customer reconnects to broadband/printer(s)/internet ad or scanners they may have.

As you can see there are quite a few steps involved the actual upgrade process does not take that long it’s just all the additional steps that take up some time.

Before we upgrade your computer or laptop we will inspect the system to see if it can actually run Windows 7.  The operating system itself takes up additional memory so a RAM upgrade may be required.  Due to optional or necessary Hard Drive and Ram Card upgrade needed, prices to upgrade will vary, however RAM is now very cheap.

Once Windows 7 is installed on your laptop or computer you will notice a big difference in speed.  When Windows 7 is up and running it will seem like you’ve got a brand new computer.  It will run a lot smoother and be far more secure than past operating systems.

Of course Bombo's Computer Repair don’t only upgrade computer and laptops to Windows 7.  We can also help with Apple Macs too.  The apple Mac operating system OSX comes in newer versions every other year or so and we can easily perform similar upgrades for Mac users to the new version of OSX.

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