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Do you need a quote for an LCD screen or motherboard replacement? Please use our contact button above and
include your laptop brand, model and serial number and we will email you a repair quote, at no cost or obligation to you.
Please provide a detailed description of the problem you are having. If possible, please include step by step instructions to replicate the problem. *Thank you!

Bombos Data Recovery Service information.

To Schedule Appointment 786 447 9301  Let us pick up your PC or Hard Drive and save you Time & Money!

Why you shouldn’t power on a drive that has symptoms of failing or failed heads!

It’s absolutely crucial not to power on the drive if it will not initialize or be recognized by a computer. Clicking noises are a sign that there may be a head failure, or a failing head.

Depending upon which head fails, will determine whether any of the data on the drive can be recovered without performing a head swap. If the head that reads the service area is faulty, then the drive will not be able to initialize in any circumstance.

With professional data recovery equipment, trained engineers may be able to image the drive utilizing the good heads, and turning off the bad heads.

This will result in an incomplete image and a partial recovery.

In this case, it will be necessary to replace the whole head stack in order to have a full recovery and complete image of the drive in question. (It is not possible to replace just one head from the stack.)


The more you do the more damage and less chances of any recovery!

Our Estimated pricing is below!
Contcat us for fast pick up of your PC or GHard drive fr Data reciovery evalatuion

Bombos data recoveyr pricing estimate list
*Simple personal Data Recovery may start at $ 95 Call for details.
*Flash Drives less than 8GB
Our Average Data Recovery Cost we do is as follows below!
Depending on complexity and damage on Drive submitted!
Cost associated with our services!!

Recovery Levels Explained

Hard drives fail in 3 distinct ways!

The following are the Levels that describe the Tree Main Components of Data Recovery:

Non-Invasive: (Level One)

Logical Repair - Physically healthy drive but has software corruption.
Media Damage - Corrupted drive, bad blocks, PCB damage but not mechanically.

**Level 2 bad sector data recovery services

When a hard drive starts failing bad sectors start to develop. This can happen over time or other factors like media damage, or even from a light drop. Special hardware is needed to image the failing drive onto a good working drive to recover the data from.


Invasive: (Level Two & Three)
Mechanical failed and needs a
Clean Room recovery.

During the initial diagnostic testing and review of the physical failing Drive, we will determine the level of service needed. Then once we recover all your data you are charged the quoted amount.

The following represents typical examples of recovery levels. However the actual level of service required is always determined after a full evaluation of the media is performed

Levels of Data recovery

Comparison prices
Contac us for a Free evaluation if you are within limited free pickup areas!
If you are out of our Complimentary Pickup area, a $20 Travel Charge applies!

Factors Affecting Recovery
Though lost or deleted files’ recovery is feasible, some factors minimize the chances of recovery, while some factors affect the recovery process positively. They increase the odds for recovery.

Factors Reducing Recovery Chances
The causes of data loss more or less affect the
recovery, some negatively affecting factors are:

1. You lost or deleted the files long time ago, but could not recover them then.
2. You ignored data loss and kept using the drive for further storage.
3. You had been deleting the unwanted files making room for saving new files.
4. The hard drive is old and showing the signs of corruption or failure.
5. You defragmented the hard drive recently.
6. Your camera did ‘zero out’ the space after the photos lost or deleted.

Factors Increasing Recovery Chances
Some factors positively affect the odds for data recovery and ease the recovery process. Find them below:

1. You lost or deleted files and realized it instantly and did not continue to start that
    defective drive over and over again, continuing to damage the issue.
2. The storage media, i.e. the hard drive, SD card, or flash drive concerning data loss is not
    used for further storage.
3. The storage media is quickly submitted for recovery.
4. The concerned media had/has enough free space available before recovery.
5. You did not defragment or formatted the media after data loss occurred.
6. The Data recovery Technician is efficient and reliable.

More you should know about Data Recovery Risks!

    Below Price includes Pickup and completed drop off service to Local limited areas or +$20  

Laptop Maintenance + Cleaning + Software Updates... $ 70

Dirt and Dust inside the Laptop are gently removed, Operating System configuration files are edited and corrected to improve laptop performance, system updates are downloaded and installed, existing antivirus is updated, and in the event that the existing antivirus is expired, a new temporary free antivirus software will be installed.

Work done in ... 1-3 days

VIRUS Deep Disinfection and Overall System maintenance.. $ 90

Includes complete Operating System update all drivers and system updates.

We provide a ten Program diagnostics and malware, spyware and virus removal (8 Hrs.)

**Deeply infected none functioning taken over Computers are Disinfected for $ 120 or we suggest, reinstalling the Operating System and perhaps make it an upgrade. Ask for Quote!

Work done in ... 2-3 days

All Computer Diagnostics + Exact Price Repair Quote ONLY ... $39

Estimates are based on a brief description of the problem. To find out exactly what is wrong with a laptop a technician needs to take a deeper look. After the problem is found, we contact customers and give them an exact price for the repair. This fee includes: identifying issue causing problem, getting part numbers if needed, checking part availability, and the cost of testing replacement parts. Parts and labor are additional.

If you accept the repair quote, we give you a credit for the $39

Work done in ... 2-5 days

EXPRESS 24 HOUR Laptop Repair Surcharge ... $45 extra

For customers who need the shortest possible turn around time, we offer an Express Service Upgrade. Services that do not require special order parts can often be completed within 6 to 24 hours (Next Day).

Install / Replace Laptop Keyboard ... $25 Most Windows LTs.

In the event that a keyboard needs to be replaced, we charge $25 for labor in addition to the price of the keyboard. Customers are welcome to purchase a keyboard from a third party and only pay us for installation, but in this case we are not responsible for the quality or the compatibility of the keyboard.

Work done in ... 1-5 days
Price Range for MOST Laptop Keyboards ... $25-$45
*SOME Laptops the Keyboard can cost as much as ... $100

Install / Replace Laptop CD or DVD Drive ... $25

In the event that an Optical Disk Drive needs to be replaced, we charge $25 for labor in addition to the price of the drive. Customers are welcome to purchase a drive from a third party and only pay us for installation, but in this case we are not responsible for the quality or the compatibility of the part.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 1 day
Price Range for MOST CD or DVD Drive ... $20-$45
For SOME Laptops the CD or DVD Drives can cost as much as ... $65

Install / Replace Regular Laptop LCD Screen ... $50 to $75

Laptop LCD Screen Repair is usually the result of a broken LCD Screen, but may also be needed in cases where the LCD screen does not display properly. The price for a new Laptop Screen is usually between $60 and $225, depending on the laptop. Apple Laptop LCD Screens are more expensive. We charge only $50 to $75 to dissemble, install and reassemble the laptop with the new screen in most laptops, but there are a few exceptions. Some Apple Laptops are very difficult & time consuming to work on and the installation will cost more.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 3-7 days unless we have one locally!
Price Range for MOST Laptop LCD Screens ... $65-$125
For SOME Laptops if Touch LCD Screen? Can cost much more...

Laptop DC Input Jack Repair

The DC Input Jack, aka Power Plug, usually needs to be replaced due to excessive wear and tear on the DC Input Jack, which eventually becomes loose and needs to be repaired. This is a complicated repair that requires the laptop to be completely disassembled. Next, the broken part must be removed, the new part must be soldered into place, and the system is re-assembled and tested.

Standard $ 75 to $ 85 1-2 days

Operating System Reload (Data Backup is billed separately) ... $75

This procedure is usually the best course of action when a laptop has a severe infections such as a Virus, Trojan, or Worm. It is also a good idea to do an Operating System Reload (Windows 7, 8 or 10) every 2 to 3 year in order to maintain maximum system performance. This procedure requires that all of the data (assuming that the data has not been damaged by a virus) is backed up to an external hard drive before the Operating System is installed. Data Backup is billed separately, depending on size to be extracted. The Laptop Hard Drive is then wiped clean, and the Operating System is reinstalled. All the appropriate drivers and system updates are installed. This is an ideal time to install a New more efficient Solid State Drive and a current antivirus software. Once the system is working like new again, the data is then reloaded back onto the Desktop or laptop as you originally had it! Some Programs may not be installed back wihout the original Install CD and or product key.

Work done in ... 3-4 days
Express Work done in ... 1-2 days
  Additional $50
May & will apply?

Fix Laptop Drivers ... $39

If a specific device or more in windows has stopped working, you may need a set of drivers to be update or reinstalled.

Work done in ... 1-2 days
Express Work done in ... 24 hours
  Plus $

Mini Data Backup & Transfer (5GB of data or less) ... $39 

Price Applies to Cell phone Backup service as well.


Documents, music, pictures, and any files on the laptop are backed up to an external device, and then reloaded onto a single folder on the desktop. This data backup service is for up to 5GB of data. For laptops with more than 5GB of data, please see Standard Data Backup.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 1 day
Express Turn Around Time ... 4 hours
Plus $29

Mega Data Backup (up to 200 GB of data) ... $75


Documents, music, pictures, and other files on the laptop are backed up to an external device, and then reloaded onto a single folder on the desktop. This data backup service is for ANY AMOUNT OF DATA up to 200GB.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 1-3 days
Express Turn Around Time ... 1 day

Full Service System & Data Backup *When Possible... $125

Full Service Computer Data Backup will restore your computer to the condition that it was in before re-installtion of Operating System service was required. Files and data will be restored and the computer will look and feel just like it did before the Operating System Reload. In this case, we will back up ALL DATA, then perform the Operating System Reload, and then finally migrate your data back and specific settings back onto your laptop. This service includes, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox, Documents and settings

Typical Turn Around Time ... 2-3 days
Express Turn Around Time ... 1-2 days
 Plus $29

Laptop Hinge Replacement ... $55 labor plus parts

This is a common repair for laptops that are opened and closed on a daily basis. Generally the laptop hinges will not fail for several years, but the hinges do eventually wear out and need to be replaced. In the case that the hinges need to replaced it is best to replace them as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the rest of the laptop.

Typical Turn Around Time ... 2-4 days
Price Range for MOST Laptop Hinges ... $30-$65
For SOME Laptops the Hinges can cost up to ... $85

Prices cover most computers, some computers may incur additional charges. Call for a FREE over the phone estimate regarding the price of repairing your Windows or Mac Laptop according to your issue description.

    • The diagnostic charge of $35 must be paid upfront.
    • Test: Processor, memory, video memory, hard drive, overheating, USB, DVD/CD Drive, LCD, sound, network cards, webcam, Bluetooth, modem, and motherboard.
    • A stress test of the hard drive is done during the diagnostic. This may result in failure if there is physical damage to the drive.
    • Non Computer: We will diagnose a non-windows based electronic device.
After a service is performed:

You will be called with the diagnosis, repair costs, and estimated time for repair. Labor cannot be exchanged or refunded after the service is performed.

    • A data backup is recommended to ensure no loss of data due to hard drive failure during testing.
All repairs performed by Binary Systems are guaranteed for 30 days from date the repair was performed. The shop warranty applies to repairs performed on a machine for a particular symptom. If several symptoms are repaired, then the shop warranty applies to all the symptoms repaired. If your machine develops a new symptom, it will be treated as a new repair and will incur our usual and customary charges. Due to space limitations, we request that you pick up your equipment promptly. Equipment left after 14 DAYS will be charged a late fee of $10 per day (not to exceed $60). After 30 DAYS, equipment will become excess and will be sold to recover repair costs or discarded at our discretion. 
No trouble found: Occasionally we will receive a machine for repair that we cannot find a problem with or duplicate the problem described. In cases such as this, there will be a $39.00 minimum troubleshooting charge.  If the same problem reoccurs within 2 weeks, we will apply the previous $39 charge to the new service provided. If there is an additional charge, you will be notified before any work is done.
If your machine needs any parts in order to complete the repair, we will contact you before ordering the part(s) with an estimate of the cost and the amount of labor cost involved. All parts are orded only with your consent. Special order parts require prepayment.For non-warranty work, parts may be new or refurbished, and are warranted for 30 days from the date of the repair.
Our policy is to handle repairs in the order that they are received. First come, first served.
We make every effort to troubleshoot every machine that enters out shop within 1 day. However, due to periods of increased workloads it may take longer to contact you with a diagnosis. A time estimate will be given when you drop off your machine.
Bombos Computer Repair

For Remote service informaton

Prices cover most computers, some computers may incur additional charges. Call Advisor Carlos 786 447 9301 for a FREE over the phone estimate regarding the price of repairing your Windows or Mac desktop or Laptop today.


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