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Hialeah and Miami Computer, tablet and cell phone repairs! 
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Our Estimated Windows PC Repair Prices for your Review!

Computer Repair Services | Free Pickup and Drop-off Service,
Travel Fee Out of Area Will Apply!

Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, MIA Airport Area, Miami, Brickell, Miami Lakes,
Miami Shores, Miami Springs, Miami Springs north, North Bay Village,
North Miami, Pine Crest, Sunny Isles, Surfside, Sweetwater, Virginia Gardens, and

West Miami~

Our previous clients have verified experience & high satisfaction with our computer services in Dade & Broward County FL.
We do Computer Repair, Cell phone, Tables, Computer Consulting, IT Consulting, Computer Networking, Data Recovery, and more.

Bombos Computer Repair has been selected for the 2015 Best of
Hialeah Awards for Computer Repair Service.
Award for service 2015
Thank you!

NOTICE: Our completed Repair device storage policy!
Devices completed and not picked up within 30 Days will Disposed of, Donated or
be sold for us to
recover the investment money and
of the Labor time and part if
any we installed into repairing customer's device!

We are not be responsible for items not picked up, Claimed or
paid after the 30 days of left behind!

Starting at $199

Hialeah Computer Service & Bombos Computer Repair      Hialeah Computer Service & Bombos Computer Repair  

Iphones cracked screen replaced and all repairs. Call us 786 447 9301    Circuit Board

All Brands and Model Cellphone Repairs done within 4 to 48 hours

We do all Brands of Laptop LCD Screen replacement repairs!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Complet repairs    Complet repairs

Complet repairs   Complet repairs

NEW SERVICE 2017: Is your Android Bricked or Frozen, Stuck on Carrier logo splash Screen?

Frozen or stuck when tried a Factory Reset?

Your Carrier says they can't do anything about it!

When updating, phone says your phone was modified and
you cannot get updates?

We repair these Cell Phones back to new!

Hopefully you have backed up your content!

Call for Estimate depending on your Phone Model!


We Unlock all Phone from US Carriers and International Carriers!

We Specialize in Comprehensive Deep Infection removal
procedure on all Computer Brands and Operating Systems!
*Our 12 hours of deep removal of all Unwanted Toolbars,
Malware, Spyware, Rootkits, Trojans and
Backdoor infections with Multiple Selected
in-House Program Disks clean up!
Starting prices from Below chart:

$ 70 Level one
$ 90 Level two
  $ 120 Level Three
*Above prices depend of severity Level of infection.

Remote services
Remote Service prices Here!

On-Site Service Rates For:

Residential 1 Hour Min. ($65 hr.)
Commercial 1 Hour Min. ($75 hr.)
Above includes travel time if,
in local area!

*Billed at 1 Hr. Minimum
Pick up and drop off service charge to extended areas may apply @ $20 both ways (To and From)

Annual Support Plans Available!
(HMO Like Health Plan for your PC)

We repair Both Macs & Windows including:
Android Cell phones, iPhones.
[Replace Screen, & water damage if within 72 hours]

**Mac Books Water damage repair!


Is your Media card missing your photos and precious data?

We can recover your lost photos and all your lost data from
your Cell phone memory.
(Depending on extent of damage?)

We also Back up and Recover your iPhone &
Android phones!
(Depending on extent of damage?)

We do Domestic and International Carriers Unlocking,
prices vary from $50 to $115

All Brands and Carriers cell phones unlocked!

Call us 786 4479301 for a Next day appointment, We come to you,
Savings you time driving around and Money!

We do Network Services!

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Erase services

Erase services  Erase services  Erase services


We @ BombosComputerRepair
Wipe with government and military security standards and academic algorithms.

Secure data wiping to successfully destroy all on-disk information

Wipe SSDs without affecting their operating life

Free space clearing to destroy any remnants of deleted files/directories

Data Security Standards

Government and military agencies are deeply worried by how easily deleted information can
be recovered because of all the classified and top secret issues they deal with, which is
why they’ve developed a number of disk sanitizing standards – many of which are
included in the Paragon Disk Wiper:


  1. US DoD 5220.22-M. US Department of Defense recommends overwriting all addressable locations with a character, its complement and then a random character.
    Finally, the target data area is to be verified
  2. US Navy standards NAVSO P-5239-26.
    • NAVSO P-5239-26 for MFM encoded drives;
    • NAVSO P-5239-26 for RLL encoded drives;
  1. British HMG Infosec Standard No.5. Start by writing a single character pattern, then its complement and then a random character. Finally, verify the target data area.
  2. German VSItR Standard. Overwrite the deleted information 7 times with
    specific patterns. Finally, verify the target data area.
  3. Australian ASCI 33. Overwrite with a character (C), then verify.
    Overwrite with –C (the first pass character’s inverse), then verify again. Overwrite everything with both C and –C once again but without verification. Fill everything with random characters.
  4. Russian GOST R 50739-95. Destroy information by a single pass with
    writing random characters into each sector byte.
  5. Peter Gutmann's algorithm. A whopping 35 passes, with 27 random-order passes using specific patterns combined with eight passes using random patterns;
  6. Bruce Schneier's algorithm. Two passes of specific patterns followed by five passes using a cryptographically secure pseudo-random sequence;
  7. Our algorithm Process.
    • Overwrite each sector with a forcefully randomized 512-byte string, new for each sector, using CSPRNG (cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator).
    • Overwrite each erased sector with its complement.
    • Overwrite each sector with a 512-byte string (CSPRNG), again forcefully randomized and different from the first pass, and new for each sector.
    • Finally, the target data area is to be verified.

      Cost Depends on Size and type of your Hard Drive! Call for estimate!

Our Online shopping Mall

Call us 786 447 9301    Oh Shit! Vista!!!!

call us Call us 786 447 9301

* iPhone Liquid/water Damaged Recovery
from $ 95

With three to five Day Service if &
when parts are available!


We can install one for you within
24 hours, iPhone 4 starting at $40 complete!

iPhone 5 LCD with digitizer installed for under $70

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus LCD from $139

Samsung Galaxy Note Call for pricing

**Prices change daily due to fluctuating
LCD prices in current market prices!

30 Feet Depth Waterproof Case for iPhone 4, 4S and 5

For iPhone 4 & 4S    |      For iPhone 5
Retails for $39.99 plus tax and shipping.
Your Cost only $30.00 Free Shipping in US.
Available for shipping to you on July 15, 2013 Order and reserve now by email


Do it yourself LCD replacement parts & more!

From $32.95 LCD with Digitizer screens Black / White $36.95

NOTICE: Get our Complete Deep Virus Removal Special $65

Includes a 9 hour complete disinfection and
Windows registry repaired after removal of all
Spyware, Virus and malware!

24 hour turn around time! Yes it will take about 12 hours to
completely and fully Deep clean and repair your
Windows Registry and *Operating System! All included!
*If Windows is Corrupt, it may not be repaired and may
need to be Re-intsall at an additional cost!

**Some System may be corrupt due to Viruses and
Malware Infections, then we recommend Reinstalling Windows!

"Computer Repair" "Sour Services"
Laptops General repairs. Software Installation & Repair.
Laptop Cracked Screens. Hard Drive Upgrades.
Desktops General Repairs. Ram/Memory Upgrades.

                  These pictures are of a repair on an IPhone with a Cuban coffee colada spill.

                                                  DELL LAPTOP Issues with keyboard.

                                             Above is a keyboard replacement on a Dell.

See our Used Refurbished Laptops and PCs for sale!
But you can contact Carlos if you live in Miami and get a reasonable rate and an excellent service with free extras included. 786.447.9301


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